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There are more then 400 hotels, lodge and guest house in Pokhara so it is not easy to choose nice hotels in Lakeside Pokhara. Many hotels in Pokhara have beautiful website to promote, but few of them have real photos on website. Many hotel put unsuitable, photo shop created photo to promote their hotel. Many hotels even don’t have small garden, 3 site big-big building, no mountain view …….. is trying to collect those nice hotels name and list soon.  Check Pokhara hotels in . Some hotels in Lakeside offer high speed wireless internet Wi-Fi free. Check if it is available in all room. Some hotels website mention WiFi free but very slow and not working in rooms. For guarantee Wi-Fi in your room please visit New Pokhara Lodge . Another very important thing  is safety. Tall building are not safe during earthquake. Small 2-3 story building are known as safer. After earthquake of 25th April 2015 many tourist search ground floor room with 1- 2 story hotel building.

New Pokhara Lodge